Cupcakes with Salted Caramel Cream Cheese Frosting

So it’s time for another Try It Kit from Raley’s and Something Extra! This kit is themed with Spring Baking and I got… CAKE MIX! Mmmm cake. So this post is a review, recipe and a coupon giveaway all rolled into one!

Hilltop Homemaker: Try It Cupcakes

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Nob Hill Soup and a Giveaway!

I signed up with Raley’s Something Extra Try-It Program quite a while ago. In it, Raley’s will send you a free kit to try try a product, see how you like it, then share it with your friends. There have been a few offers come and go, and finally I got selected for one! And not just some random offer I wouldn’t use…it was for Nob Hill All-Natural Soup. SCORE! Hilltop Hubby and I LOVE these soups!

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Raley’s Pizza

So last Friday morning sucked. Like really sucked. I got cut off by propane trucks not once… but twice…with my children in the car. The second time, I almost couldn’t stop in time and literally felt sick to my stomach as I sat at the next light.  My two year old acted… a two year old at library story time and we had to leave before it began. I refuse to give in to a tantrum in a public place. We just leave if she does it.  But amazingly, as soon as we stepped foot outside the library, my beautiful, intelligent little lady returned.  At that point, I decided she could pick whatever lunch she wanted that day. She asked for pizza. Momma would provide! We hopped back into the car, I got the little man snug in his seat, and off we went to Raley’s.

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