Cupcakes with Salted Caramel Cream Cheese Frosting

So it’s time for another Try It Kit from Raley’s and Something Extra! This kit is themed with Spring Baking and I got… CAKE MIX! Mmmm cake. So this post is a review, recipe and a coupon giveaway all rolled into one!

Hilltop Homemaker: Try It Cupcakes

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Arrow Sewing Cabinets–Suzi Review

Where do I start on Suzi…. I love her. I won the drawing for Suzi after the National Sewing Month challenge from Arrow Sewing Cabinets. I wavered a little on which color to get. She comes in oak, white, cherry, black and that awesome green. I almost got green so I could get a matching Olivia later. So..tempting…  But I got black. I thought it would match my sewing areas better than a wood tone (the wood tones in my house are absolutely crazy) and would hide the crayon better than white.  So if someone stopped by the house, I wouldn’t worry run and grab the spray cleaner to try to look presentable. She came in November while I was VERY pregnant. Not a little pregnant. But done. I was not even moving the box inside the house much less putting the dang thing together because that required bending over and if I bent over or got on the floor…well… yeah…

So my hubby and my number one helper got out the screwdriver and the hammer and set to work. I had a bath.

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Nob Hill Soup and a Giveaway!

I signed up with Raley’s Something Extra Try-It Program quite a while ago. In it, Raley’s will send you a free kit to try try a product, see how you like it, then share it with your friends. There have been a few offers come and go, and finally I got selected for one! And not just some random offer I wouldn’t use…it was for Nob Hill All-Natural Soup. SCORE! Hilltop Hubby and I LOVE these soups!

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Oh Pick Your Plum!

Well, these guys sure are making it hard for me to stick to a budget, but hey it’s a new month. I have a little more to spend right? Well at this exact moment, I am buying some of these:

flashlightsLittle flashlights at 2.99 each! I’m putting one in my purse, and one in Little K’s Easter basket. Flashlights are the ultimate in reading after lights out fun.

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Raley’s Pizza

So last Friday morning sucked. Like really sucked. I got cut off by propane trucks not once… but twice…with my children in the car. The second time, I almost couldn’t stop in time and literally felt sick to my stomach as I sat at the next light.  My two year old acted… a two year old at library story time and we had to leave before it began. I refuse to give in to a tantrum in a public place. We just leave if she does it.  But amazingly, as soon as we stepped foot outside the library, my beautiful, intelligent little lady returned.  At that point, I decided she could pick whatever lunch she wanted that day. She asked for pizza. Momma would provide! We hopped back into the car, I got the little man snug in his seat, and off we went to Raley’s.

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I Picked My Plum

I picked my first plum the other day. It is awesome. Pick Your Plum is a daily deal site which posts Monday through Friday at 7 am MST. They sell craft items and women’s items like purses and socks. I’ve been lurking on their site for months, waiting for the perfect deal. I found it.

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Arrow Cabinets–Gidget II

Hilltop Homemaker: Gidget IiI love Arrow Cabinets. I’ll just say that up front. I found them just over two years ago on Facebook when I was browsing around trying to figure out what I wanted to buy to get my sewing machine off my kitchen table. Then, low and behold, I won something. This was the first time I had won anything in well…I couldn’t remember how long. And it wasn’t a little something, it was a BIG something. Gidget II was on her way to me. Arrow still does these contests for sewing tables and lots of other goodies, so be sure to like them on Facebook. Continue reading