Easy Stripes Baby Throw Review–Crochet

I found this crochet pattern from Lion Brand Yarn on their Pattern finder and thought it might make a perfect baby blankie for my son-to-be. It turned out great and I was right, at two months old, this seems to be one of his favorites. He falls right asleep when I wrap him up in it! For my daughter, I knitted blankets. Since she’s become a toddler though, crochet has been my go-to for yarn crafting. The last thing I knit was a hat for her, and I’m pretty sure I re-knitted it enough to make three hats with all the “help” she gives me! With crochet I’ve found I loose less progress.Hilltop Homemaker: Blankie

I used the Tweed Stripes yarn in Marble and a size K hook. They suggest buying four balls of yarn, but I only used three. This uses the V-stitch for the bulk of the blanket and I added a single crochet border. The V-stitch is crocheted into the space made on the previous row. The pattern has a picot edge border, but I didn’t feel it would add anything so I left it simple. Working with the yarn, I did find a flaw, a large mass that didn’t get spun right. I stitched it anyway and it blends in nicely.  Skills for this blanket: chain stitch, double crochet and single crochet. It’s a great beginner project and worked up very quickly!

Hillthop Homemaker: Blankie