Just when I thought spring could get any busier…

I got the stomach flu. And not just any stomach flu. The not eating solids for DAYS kind of flu. I’ve decided if I thought it was hard to get a blog post out when the hubby travels on business, the flu has NOTHING on that. I’m pretty sure there is a rule against mom getting sick. Everything just kind of comes to a stand still until I can get to it. Then just as I’m starting to feel better, the two year old gets it. Thank goodness for Netflix in trying to convince a sick toddler to STAY STILL for just a little bit and rest. (I know. I’m silly. Toddlers stay still? HA! Not even the flu could get her to stay still long!) Oh and the baby is teething.  It’s not always easy to be mom, and I wish sometimes I could get to my pile of to-do sewing and yarn work and stitching… (and gardening, and decorating…) but I still wouldn’t trade it for anything.  So things still haven’t gotten done around here, but, MY mom will be here for a few days soon. And I can’t think of a better time to catch up on a few things than that time grandma gets to play with the grandkids.


Spring is a busy time!

Well we’ve been busy busy busy around the hilltop the last two weeks! I have tomatoes and peppers from Your Small Kitchen Garden sprouting in my bedroom.

Hilltop Homemaker: Tomatoes
We’ve started working on the daughter’s bed. (Plans are from Ana White!)
Hilltop HomemakerI got the quilt to its forever home.

Finished QuiltAnd I’ve been working down my sewing to do pile so I can play with my brand new custom insert for my sewing table! I have a quilt ready to go to test this out. I’ve been wanting a large flat bed like this since I started quilting! We’ve even got some baking done around here. (Look for an awesome recipe tomorrow!)

Oh and you know, the whole mom thing.

So what has spring been like around your house?

Folk Magazine Spring Issue

So I had the chance to review the new Spring Issue of Folk Magazine this week. When you first open it, you see the editor, Ben holding a dozen beautiful brown eggs in a field of tall green grasses. Spring is upon us.
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Oh Pick Your Plum!

Well, these guys sure are making it hard for me to stick to a budget, but hey it’s a new month. I have a little more to spend right? Well at this exact moment, I am buying some of these:

flashlightsLittle flashlights at 2.99 each! I’m putting one in my purse, and one in Little K’s Easter basket. Flashlights are the ultimate in reading after lights out fun.

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Snow Day And Seed Giveaway Link

Hilltop Homemaker: Snow

View out my front door

We are having our first snow day of the season here! I know for some of us it’s a little early to put seeds in the ground, but it’s not too early to think about what you are going to plant. Since I’ve lived in California, I haven’t had a garden. I’ve decided that this is the year to change that! I always loved my gardens back in Texas, even when it was a small patio one.

One of my favorite gardening blogs, Your Small Kitchen Garden, is doing a giveaway for free vegetable seeds. This contest is open to US and Canadian residents and is open until February 24th. He is giving away tomatoes, peppers and squash seeds, so get your entry in today! (Note, this is not my giveaway, I just wanted to share it with everyone!)

Your Small Kitchen Garden is also on Facebook (where I first found it!) and not only talks about growing your own food, but also how to cook and preserve it. He also posts some neat tips on his Facebook page so be sure to give him a like!Snow 2

One Lovely Blog Award / The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Well this is a neat surprise! I honestly didn’t expect a little blogging award this soon after starting my blog. Thank you very much Tailor Fairy!

one-lovely-blog-award very-inspiring-blogger-award-21

According to the rules I should share 7 things about myself, so here it goes!

  1. I have a brown thumb! I have not been able to get a single thing to grow since moving to California!
  2. I have two Italian Greyhounds that I got back in college.
  3. I’m a member of the El Dorado County Search and Rescue team (but have been on “medical leave” while I’ve been having the kiddos).
  4. I shoot rifle and would like to learn pistol.
  5. My favorite hike is anything in Desolation Wilderness!
  6. I’ve been skiing once and I spent a majority of the time on my butt, but still enjoyed it.
  7. I just learned to quilt this last year.

Now, let’s nominate some fun blogs to keep the chain going!

Everything Your Mama Made & More
Starry Fish at Home
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Sunshiny Thoughts
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Glitter N Glue

All of these blogs have recent sewing/crafting/homey posts that I enjoyed!

The rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated you.

2. Add The One Lovely Blog Award / The Very Inspiring Blogger Award to your post.

3. Share 7 things about yourself.

4. Pass the award on to 10 nominees.

5. Include this set of rules.

6. Inform your nominees by posting a comment on their blogs.

Welcome To My Hilltop Home

Welcome to my hilltop home. I’m a thirty-something homemaker with a wonderful husband and two adorable children. I hope to share with you my love for the home, even when it can drive me crazy as any mom knows! Come in and sit down for a little Texas hospitality in my California home. I’ll let you sneak some peaks into my kitchen and sewing room.

The Hilltop HomemakerImage