Spring is a busy time!

Well we’ve been busy busy busy around the hilltop the last two weeks! I have tomatoes and peppers from Your Small Kitchen Garden sprouting in my bedroom.

Hilltop Homemaker: Tomatoes
We’ve started working on the daughter’s bed. (Plans are from Ana White!)
Hilltop HomemakerI got the quilt to its forever home.

Finished QuiltAnd I’ve been working down my sewing to do pile so I can play with my brand new custom insert for my sewing table! I have a quilt ready to go to test this out. I’ve been wanting a large flat bed like this since I started quilting! We’ve even got some baking done around here. (Look for an awesome recipe tomorrow!)

Oh and you know, the whole mom thing.

So what has spring been like around your house?

Bowties are Cool Bib Pattern and Tutorial

Hilltop Homemaker: Bowties are Cool Bib Tutorial and PatternSo little Stormageddon is officially 12 weeks old today. Enter the drool. Not just a little drool either. This is full blown, chew on everything and soak the onesie drool. Yay for us. So what does a fashionable Stormy need? A bowtie.

Because bowties are cool.

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Arrow Sewing Cabinets–Suzi Review

Where do I start on Suzi…. I love her. I won the drawing for Suzi after the National Sewing Month challenge from Arrow Sewing Cabinets. I wavered a little on which color to get. She comes in oak, white, cherry, black and that awesome green. I almost got green so I could get a matching Olivia later. So..tempting…  But I got black. I thought it would match my sewing areas better than a wood tone (the wood tones in my house are absolutely crazy) and would hide the crayon better than white.  So if someone stopped by the house, I wouldn’t worry run and grab the spray cleaner to try to look presentable. She came in November while I was VERY pregnant. Not a little pregnant. But done. I was not even moving the box inside the house much less putting the dang thing together because that required bending over and if I bent over or got on the floor…well… yeah…

So my hubby and my number one helper got out the screwdriver and the hammer and set to work. I had a bath.

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Simplicty 3511 Girls Top, Pants or Dress

Simplicity 3511 is a toddler sized pattern and comes in sizes 1/2 to 4. It retails for 11.95, but I’m pretty sure like most of my other patterns, I got it at one of the 3511box stores on sale. With this pattern you can make a top or dress with different sleeve styles and a pair of pants. I used cottons for the three pieces I did, but you can also use, gingham, corduroys, linen or poplin. You will need buttons for the shirt and dress and elastic depending on what style sleeves you do.

For my daughter I first made a dress out of an orange owl fabric and a coordinating turquoise dragonfly print that I got from Fabric.com. I made it last year and a bit large (a size 2) so she could grow into it. I used view D with the sleeves from E with no elastic on them. Later I made a shirt out of the same pattern (view E) and the pair of pants both out of cottons I got on sale at a local quilt shop…for $3 a yard. Nothing like $3 a yard cotton prints to make your day!  owl dress The pants were a disaster. They look fine but just didn’t fit my toddler well. The shirt however is one of her favorites. Continue reading

Toddler Throw Quilt Pattern

I wanted to make a toddler/preschooler throw quilt for a young boy whose grandmother is a friend of the family. This quilt is 40 x 49 which makes it a great size to cuddle up and watch a movie. It’s a very simple quilt top to do since it is all squares and border but looks impressive!

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Simplicity 2377 Review

Simplicity 2377

Pattern front and the fabric I selected for the dress

Simplicity 2377 is from Simplicity’s Easy to Sew line, and it is just that, very easy to sew! The pattern retails for $13.95, but I got mine at a sale at Jo-Ann’s.

The fabric is a lightweight corduroy I ordered from Fabric.com, Kaufman 21 Wale Cool Cords Flowers Blue. I would suggest using corduroy, cottons, gingham, eyelet or linen. You will also need 1/4″ elastic and whatever trim you prefer.

For my daughter, I decided to sew view B in size 3. The pattern comes in sizes 3 to 8 and is either a paper pattern or a new printable file from Simplicity.com.  She’s two and a half and between sizes in ready to wear clothes. Continue reading