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Just when I thought spring could get any busier…

I got the stomach flu. And not just any stomach flu. The not eating solids for DAYS kind of flu. I’ve decided if I thought it was hard to get a blog post out when the hubby travels on business, the flu has NOTHING on that. I’m pretty sure there is a rule against mom getting sick. Everything just kind of comes to a stand still until I can get to it. Then just as I’m starting to feel better, the two year old gets it. Thank goodness for Netflix in trying to convince a sick toddler to STAY STILL for just a little bit and rest. (I know. I’m silly. Toddlers stay still? HA! Not even the flu could get her to stay still long!) Oh and the baby is teething.  It’s not always easy to be mom, and I wish sometimes I could get to my pile of to-do sewing and yarn work and stitching… (and gardening, and decorating…) but I still wouldn’t trade it for anything.  So things still haven’t gotten done around here, but, MY mom will be here for a few days soon. And I can’t think of a better time to catch up on a few things than that time grandma gets to play with the grandkids.


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