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Bowties are Cool Bib Pattern and Tutorial

Hilltop Homemaker: Bowties are Cool Bib Tutorial and PatternSo little Stormageddon is officially 12 weeks old today. Enter the drool. Not just a little drool either. This is full blown, chew on everything and soak the onesie drool. Yay for us. So what does a fashionable Stormy need? A bowtie.

Because bowties are cool.

First you will want to gather up some fabric. I used what I had in the scrap pile, some quilting cotton, and leftover batting to make it soft. I also used some heat n bond for the bowtie, velcro to attach the bib and some double fold bias tape that was in my cabinet of goodies. Since I am using batting and not just some thicker flannel for the bib, I decided to try something new. Instead of sewing inside out and turning, we are going to sew it like a sandwich. Iron all of your fabric and either put a little spray bond on each layer and smooth down or safety pin it. I tried out some spray adhesive. I really liked the way it worked for this project. Hilltop Homemaker: Bowties are Cool

Next trace your favorite drool-free bib or use the pattern at the end of the tutorial.


You will want to sew the seam just a bit to the inside of the line you drew. Sew inside the lineThen trim it close to the seam. If your house is quiet…go see what the toddler is drawing on. Come back to making a bib.


Next trace the bowtie (from the pattern!) to your Heat N Bond and iron it to your bowtie fabric. Wait for it to cool, trim to the tracing and iron onto your bib.

Cut the bowtie

Last I did a lot of sewing all at once and very quickly since Stormageddon wanted to eat.  Sew around the edges of the bowtie however you prefer. You can get fancy with the decorative stitches here! I just ran out of time. Then I added double fold bias tape (feel free to make your own, I just used some I had on hand) around the edges and sew on the velcro to each end.

Finish sewing

Now put that baby in a bib fit for the doctor.

StormIsn’t he handsome? And I even have one sitting on my sewing table right now that has a St. Patrick’s day bowtie.

Download the bib and bowtie pattern here: Bowties are cool

If anyone uses this pattern, I’d love to see how it turns out. Post a pic on my Facebook page or send me an email!




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