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Folk Magazine Spring Issue

So I had the chance to review the new Spring Issue of Folk Magazine this week. When you first open it, you see the editor, Ben holding a dozen beautiful brown eggs in a field of tall green grasses. Spring is upon us.
Spring Folk Cover

This magazine is divided into four sections: Share, Create, Story, and Gather. It is filled with inspiring stories of getting back to what’s importing in life, family, creating, and simple things.  It has 15 recipes to try too! I’m dying to try the picnic/tea time recipes at the end of the magazine for Meyer Lemon Layer Cake and Smoke Salmon Open Faced Sandwiches. (And an intriguing recipe for zucchini marmalade!)

There is another article on Portland’s Blanche & Mimi. I could probably spend way too much money in that store!

The Chocolate Rabbit

Rabbit by Lori Ann Corelis featured in Spring 2013 Folk Magazine

There is a pattern for a folk art bunny! She’s adorable and just in time for Easter. Definitely sewing two, one for the daughter and one for the son. Well he’ll probably just chew on it, but as long as I just stitch the eyes and nose instead of use buttons, he’ll be a happy camper. And check out these pictures from the magazine. They are from an article on Lori Ann Corelis. I find them beautiful, and inspiring! Perhaps I will have to learn to sew a stuffed animal. (Although I’m sure it will take a LOT of practice to get anywhere near this good!)

I also enjoyed reading about Melody Doyel who makes clothing and accessories from re-purposed materials. I really like this magazine because it is basically what I’m trying to do with my home and blog, make an inviting and comfortable place for my family and friends. The photography is absolutely stunning too. I’m embarrassed to say that I took a photography class in college (mostly focused on journalistic style and not studio unfortunately) because it makes my photos look like snap shots…which they pretty much are. Another nice thing, while there are ads in the magazine, the magazine itself doesn’t feel like it’s trying to sell anything to you. I tried out a couple of magazine lately supposedly about the country home which to me felt like a catalog of buy this and buy that. It’s a beautiful change of pace to read a home/lifestyle magazine that actually focuses on content.

You can subscribe at www.magazinebyfolk.com and use the code #FOLK to receive 50% off your order.  And be sure to tell the Folk folks Hilltop Homemaker sent you! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Folk Magazine Spring Issue

  1. This sounds like such a fun magazine! I would love to win a subscription. My favorite thing about spring is probably that my husband and I can take our little son to all the wonderful playgrounds we have in Berlin. We just spent the whole afternoon on our favorite playground and bought some wonderful cake at a nearby café.

  2. Thank you ever so much for your beautiful and kind words!! I can’t wait to curl up in a chair and read the new issue cover to cover! What a beautiful review!
    Happy stitches!
    Lori Ann

  3. What I love about spring is all the baby animals, finally being able to go to parks again & see the perty flowers!!

  4. this sounds like a great magazine! I am so ready for spring… I love the light greens and pinks and yellows I see around me in the early days of spring.

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