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Arrow Sewing Cabinets–Suzi Review

Where do I start on Suzi…. I love her. I won the drawing for Suzi after the National Sewing Month challenge from Arrow Sewing Cabinets. I wavered a little on which color to get. She comes in oak, white, cherry, black and that awesome green. I almost got green so I could get a matching Olivia later. So..tempting…  But I got black. I thought it would match my sewing areas better than a wood tone (the wood tones in my house are absolutely crazy) and would hide the crayon better than white.  So if someone stopped by the house, I wouldn’t worry run and grab the spray cleaner to try to look presentable. She came in November while I was VERY pregnant. Not a little pregnant. But done. I was not even moving the box inside the house much less putting the dang thing together because that required bending over and if I bent over or got on the floor…well… yeah…

So my hubby and my number one helper got out the screwdriver and the hammer and set to work. I had a bath.

AssemblyApparently Suzi also makes a great fort. But either way, Suzi was together when I emerged from my bath. And daddy got a really cut picture of the helper. From his report, this is an easy assembly and I could have easily put it together myself had I not been so dang pregnant (or maybe just more motivated…).

Now on to what you really want to know, how does she look and work? Well here she is all assembled.

Hilltop Homemaker SuziI wheeled her out of her usual spot so you could see her better. She has little metallic knob pulls on the drawer and door and four very sturdy casters. Suzi is 14 1/4″ Wide x 16 1/2″ Deep x 24 1/2″ High. Like the Gidget II, this cabinet so far has been toddler proof. After having helped assemble the cabinet, little helper decided that it made a great place for duplo blocks. While this is true, mommy has to often remove them from the drawers and put back in her sewing supplies.

Top DrawerThe top drawer is 11 1/2″ wide x 13″ deep x 4 1/4″ tall. While empty in this picture, I usually keep the fabric and pattern I am working on in this drawer.  The three bottom drawers are a bit bigger at 5 1/2″ tall. In the top drawer of the three, I can even keep my spools of Maxilock serger thread upright. Where they all are now, is one of life’s mysteries.

Bottom Drawers

As you can tell from the picture, I’ve my helper assisted in the photo shoot. I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that the drawers are not wooden like the cabinet. They are some sort of plastic/composite material. I suppose I could ask the materials engineer in the house exactly what they are, but you get the idea. At first they kind of stuck a little, but after using the drawers just a short time, they move very smoothly. You also can’t pull them out since they have stops on them. Overall I am very very happy with this cabinet and now that I am using it would have paid for it. You always wonder if things would be sturdy and worth the money when you are buying online without seeing the product first (well at least I do). This one cabinet that I think is worth it. She retails around $170 from online dealers like Amazon and Jo-Ann’s.


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