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Raley’s Pizza

So last Friday morning sucked. Like really sucked. I got cut off by propane trucks not once… but twice…with my children in the car. The second time, I almost couldn’t stop in time and literally felt sick to my stomach as I sat at the next light.  My two year old acted…well..like a two year old at library story time and we had to leave before it began. I refuse to give in to a tantrum in a public place. We just leave if she does it.  But amazingly, as soon as we stepped foot outside the library, my beautiful, intelligent little lady returned.  At that point, I decided she could pick whatever lunch she wanted that day. She asked for pizza. Momma would provide! We hopped back into the car, I got the little man snug in his seat, and off we went to Raley’s.

And they were out of Amy’s Pizza.

It’s the one I always get her. Oh crap. And I said we’d get pizza. So off to the non organic section I went. We browsed a little and I thought, what the heck, let’s try the Raley’s brand. I let her pick.

Raley's PizzaHuh. Margherita huh? Like the Amy’s I normally get her. And I figured she’d pick pepperoni.  That pizza on the box sure looked good though, so we scooped it up and brought it home. (Along with a Dr. Pepper for momma. I try not to drink them too often, but after that morning, I wanted a little taste of home!) I pulled the pizza out of the box and I immediately disregarded the first direction. I put the dang thing on a cookie sheet. I’m sorry. I’m not putting it on the rack for the pizza to melt down and I have to clean up the racks and the oven. But after just 14 minutes I had this:

Raley's BakedNot bad looking huh? I cut it into 6 slices completely ignoring the 4 servings on the box. This pizza will not serve four just so you know. You can serve two to three depending on how hungry everyone is…unless you have little kids in the mix. Then, yeah you’ll get four servings. I cut up one slice and put it out for the little girl and put two slices on my plate. The crust was crispy which was surprising since I didn’t cook it as directed. There was a nice amount of fresh cheese and herbs without the pizza getting too greasy and the tomatoes were nice and plump. The first two slices were delectable.

I watched the toddler finish about a third of her slice then had to attend to some motherly duties with the infant. When I came back she was picking her tomatoes off. Odd I thought.  I went back to the kitchen and started nibbling on a third slice. The tomatoes had gotten a bit soggy. Ick.  But here’s the funny thing, when the pizza was cold, the tomatoes were just fine again. Yup. My toddler likes cold pizza. I nibbled on it when I served her some the next day and when cold, she ate the tomatoes again.

The Amy’s pizzas we normally buy are a bit pricey and small. This pizza was just under five dollars. That’s less than a footlong at a certain sandwich shop! Add in fruit for both of us and a little salad for mom and we had an amazing lunch that really improved the day. Thank you Raley’s!


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