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Flat Fell Seam Tutorial

Hilltop Homemaker: Flat Fell SeamA flat fell seam is used most often in jeans (denim), blouses and was traditionally used in tipi construction. It’s a nice way to finish your seams without using a serger or anything fancy, just a straight stitch and some scissors.

First line up the edges of your seam.FF Seam A

Then stitch the seam according to the allowance. On this example I used 5/8 of an inch…and some awesome bright red thread so you could see the stitching!FF Seam B

Next, you will cut one side of the seam allowance in half.FF Seam C

Fold the larger side over the side you just cut and pin and press.FF Seam D

Topstitch the seam down.FF Seam E

Now you have a nice flat seam!      FF Seam F

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