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Lemonade Revisited…with Bourbon!

So two weeks ago I told how I like to make lemonade concentrate. I actually keep this in a 2 quart container in my fridge .  For a quart mason jar batch I mix a cup and a half each of the sugar, water (heated to a boil) and the lemon juice. For my 2 quart container I do a batch with three cups each. Then it’s easy for making plain lemonade, lemonade with a splash of pomegranate or my fancy P² Lemonade. Hilltop Hubby has found a “better” lemonade.

Hiltop Homemaker: Ingredients

Just these three ingredients for a tipsy lemonade!

Take a shot (or two) of whiskey and pour it over ice. Then add 1/3 a glass of lemonade concentrate, a splash of pomegranate (for a little tartness) and water to the top. Hilltop Hubby says this tastes very much like a whiskey sour. He also likes is without the pom or with a brandy. The last time we bought pomegranate, we got a different brand and now our lemonades are bright pink instead of this orangey color. We have found many drink variations using this lemonade mix!

HH Lemonade


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