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Simplicty 3511 Girls Top, Pants or Dress

Simplicity 3511 is a toddler sized pattern and comes in sizes 1/2 to 4. It retails for 11.95, but I’m pretty sure like most of my other patterns, I got it at one of the 3511box stores on sale. With this pattern you can make a top or dress with different sleeve styles and a pair of pants. I used cottons for the three pieces I did, but you can also use, gingham, corduroys, linen or poplin. You will need buttons for the shirt and dress and elastic depending on what style sleeves you do.

For my daughter I first made a dress out of an orange owl fabric and a coordinating turquoise dragonfly print that I got from Fabric.com. I made it last year and a bit large (a size 2) so she could grow into it. I used view D with the sleeves from E with no elastic on them. Later I made a shirt out of the same pattern (view E) and the pair of pants both out of cottons I got on sale at a local quilt shop…for $3 a yard. Nothing like $3 a yard cotton prints to make your day!  owl dress The pants were a disaster. They look fine but just didn’t fit my toddler well. The shirt however is one of her favorites.

This is from the Simplicity Easy to Sew line and, like the others that I’ve tried, was very easy to sew. You use fusible interfacing on the yoke and need two half inch buttons for the back of the shirt or dress. The most difficult parts of this were sewing those itty bitty sleeves to the dress/shirt and then the button holes.  This is a very doable pattern for a beginner! I would recommend the shirt or dress with the loose sleeves (my girl hates to have elastic on her sleeves so I can’t tell you how those are) but not the pants, unless you have a child with very skinny legs and no bottom. One note on the pants, they probably would fit now that my daughter has the length of a 3T but a waist smaller than 2T. I just haven’t tried them on her in a while.

Hilltop Homemaker: 3511 E2Hilltop Homemaker: 3511 E


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