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Plum Jam

Hilltop Homemaker: Plum Jam

Perfect on morning toast or English muffins

This is an oldie, but a goodie!  My husband’s grandmother has a beautiful plum tree. We have no clue what kind it is but plan on getting a planting of it soon. It makes beautiful dark purple/red plums and the fruit is the same color as the skin. This past year I entered my jam into our county fair and received a blue ribbon. I didn’t make as much jam this year (or much canning at all really…) since I was battling morning sickness during my entire pregnancy with the little man. But, I did make enough to enjoy it on my morning toast! It really can’t be beat. It’s a nice sweet plum taste with a hint of tart.

I used the recipe for jams using regular pectin from the Ball Complete Book of Home Canning with a slight change. After adding the sugar, I put in 1/4 TBS butter to help prevent too much foam. I also suggest using gloves with plums like these while doing a flash boil to remove the skins as they can really stain. There will still be a little foam but honestly this is one of the best things about canning jam! My daughter and I LOVE to eat the foam while we are canning. It’s also fabulous on ice cream.

Hilltop Homemaker: Blue Ribbon Plum Jam


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