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Toddler Throw Quilt Pattern

I wanted to make a toddler/preschooler throw quilt for a young boy whose grandmother is a friend of the family. This quilt is 40 x 49 which makes it a great size to cuddle up and watch a movie. It’s a very simple quilt top to do since it is all squares and border but looks impressive!

Hilltop Homemaker: Materials
For this quilt you need:48 5″ squares (I bought 1/2 yard of three fabrics and had leftovers)
3 yards for backing (Although you might be able to get away  1 1/2 yards)
1/2 yard for binding
1 yard for border
Crib sized batting

A note on the 5″ squares, a fat quarter of fabric will give you 12 squares. I cut 16 squares out of each of my three fabrics. I do suggest at least two different fabrics and the more the better!


Before squaring up and cutting my fabric with a rotary cutter, I like to use Best Press to get the fabric nice and smooth.


Lay your five inch squares out in a pattern. Sew each square to the adjacent square.


Then I sewed the blocks of two to each other to form 8 6-square strips.

Strip Top

These strips I then pin together to sew into the main part of the quilt top.

Fork Pins

Note the fork pin at the seam while I’m sewing! Always lock your seams for nice alignment!

Inner Squares

After they are all sewn together you will have something that looks like this!


Now we add on 7″ borders. Sew them on to the side with 8 blocks first. Then do the six block side. Use a coordinating fabric!

Finished Top

Now the quilt top is all done!


3 thoughts on “Toddler Throw Quilt Pattern

    • Thanks! The little boy I’m making this quilt for (as of last night it was halfway quilted!) only wanted to go to Disneyland to see the Cars for his Make-A-Wish so I’m hoping he enjoys this quilt.

  1. This is great! Thank you for the directions. I am looking to make a quilt for the Project Linus, and this is perfect. And thank you for liking my blog post!

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