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Simplicity 2377 Review

Simplicity 2377

Pattern front and the fabric I selected for the dress

Simplicity 2377 is from Simplicity’s Easy to Sew line, and it is just that, very easy to sew! The pattern retails for $13.95, but I got mine at a sale at Jo-Ann’s.

The fabric is a lightweight corduroy I ordered from Fabric.com, Kaufman 21 Wale Cool Cords Flowers Blue. I would suggest using corduroy, cottons, gingham, eyelet or linen. You will also need 1/4″ elastic and whatever trim you prefer.

For my daughter, I decided to sew view B in size 3. The pattern comes in sizes 3 to 8 and is either a paper pattern or a new printable file from Simplicity.com.  She’s two and a half and between sizes in ready to wear clothes.

If you have never used a Simplicity Pattern, they make it easy for you! Hilltop Homemaker: Back of the Simplicity 2377  Envelope On the back of the envelope, you will find all the suggested fabric, notions needed and yardage needed for each size. Inside the envelope is the pattern on lightweight tracing paper and the pattern instructions.

The pattern instructions give you cutting layouts, general directions for using a pattern and detailed instructions on easy step. I found this pattern to be clear and concise on each step.

After cutting out the Hilltop Homemaker: Simplicity 2377 Instruction Pagepattern using the layout provided in the instructions, I sewed together the bodice and the sleeves. The main alteration I did to the pattern was to leave off the ties. My daughter seems to prefer clothes she can put on and off herself.  Then I ran the elastic through casings on the sleeves and neckline using a safety pin. In order to make sure I could remember which way was front, I added the bow by tacking it down by hand. I used Dritz Fray Check on the ribbon so that it won’t fray. Next I sewed ribbon on the skirt and then sewed the sides together. This dress you actually hem it as the next step instead of at the end. After hemming all that was left was to gather the skirt and sew it to the bodice.

The sizing is generous but not so big that the dress falls off.  As you can see, I have a happy toddler in her new dress! I am definitely making this pattern again and already have some fabric for it picked out and sitting on my cutting table.

Hilltop Homemaker: Little K 2377

Little K in Simplicity 2377


2 thoughts on “Simplicity 2377 Review

  1. Very cute on your daughter:) I’m planning to use this pattern for two of my nieces who are also Two and a half and (almost) Three, for Christmas. The dress you made looks like it fits well, not tight, but certainly not too loose. I was just looking at reviews on patternreview.com and even though this looks like a simple pattern, your review was the most helpful:) Thanks for sharing!

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