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Reversible Messenger Bag

Hiltop Homemaker: Reversible Messenger Bag

Front side of messenger bag

Last autumn, I was in need of a new bag, so when Arrow Cabinets’ sew along theme was sew something for yourself, I went to work! I found this wonderful tutorial from New Green Mama on how to sew a reversible messenger bag. I ran to my local quilt shop and picked up one yard each of coordinating quilting cotton and went to work. I had leftovers from each yard so you can probably make do with less.

Because I was using quilting cotton instead of decorators fabric. I interfaced each piece with a light weight

Hiltop Homemaker: Reversible Messenger Bag

Other side of messenger bag

fusible interfacing. It made it a little tough to turn right side out, but after using it for months, it still holds up well so I highly suggest it. I made the pockets as directed on the tutorial and topstitched everything down. Before sewing the flap together, I ran outside and found some pretty leaves to trace onto heat n bond. I attached it to my fabric, then cut out the leaf shape and ironed it to the opposite fabric. I then took some blue embroidery thread and did a long straight stitch around it for a little color. After that I finished sewing and flipping the bag, once again doing a topstitch on everything.

Hiltop Homemaker: Reversible Messenger Bag

Large pocket

Hiltop Homemaker: Reversible Messenger Bag

Small pocket

When I make this bag again, (I already have the fabric!) I plan on doing a variation. The two pockets work well for me, but I am adding in some elasticized sippy cup pockets. Yeah. I know. It’s silly but I can’t tell you how many times I have been holding a sippy cup after my daughter abandons it somewhere. I also plan on making it slightly bigger so I can hold infant and toddler items without having to take the entire diaper bag for a short trip.


3 thoughts on “Reversible Messenger Bag

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  2. Oh, I absolutely LOVE this!! Such a great idea to trace the leaves, too. I hadn’t thought of that. I wonder if I can trace pine needles?? That’s what we have an abundance of around here, and they get into EVERYTHING…might as well get into my purses too, eh? 🙂 I’m going to that New Green Mama site now. Thanks so much for sharing this!!

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