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Arrow Cabinets–Gidget II

Hilltop Homemaker: Gidget IiI love Arrow Cabinets. I’ll just say that up front. I found them just over two years ago on Facebook when I was browsing around trying to figure out what I wanted to buy to get my sewing machine off my kitchen table. Then, low and behold, I won something. This was the first time I had won anything in well…I couldn’t remember how long. And it wasn’t a little something, it was a BIG something. Gidget II was on her way to me. Arrow still does these contests for sewing tables and lots of other goodies, so be sure to like them on Facebook.

Now, lets get to the nitty gritty about this sewing table. First of all it comes ASSEMBLED! That’s right, I opened the box, popped open the legs and was good to go. Second it’s STURDY! How sturdy? Well it has survived two years into toddler hood.  Little K has drawn on it, stood on it (with the machine there…), pulled the lever to drop the table, played with the wheels and it still comes clean and never ever wobbles when I sew.  Wheels?  Yup, wheels. Hilltop Homemaker: Gidget II WheelsThis cabinet will go anywhere. I just move it around the house a little depending on where I can get some sewing done.  When we start taking the fifth wheel out again when the kids are bigger, this table will just roll on out the door and into the camper! It’s not so heavy either. I would guess around 35 pounds which is easy to maneuver solo. Last, guess what…there is a ruler on it! I know it sounds silly, but I have used that ruler more times in the last two years than I would have ever dreamed! Inches are facing outwards and centimeters are upside down. Having both on there has been a life saver. I never would remember to bring a tape measure to my sewing machine before, and now I don’t have to!

Hilltop Homemaker: Gidget II TopEven when I do decide to upgrade to a larger model (with serger storage!) I’m always keeping this table as my workhorse table. Thank you to Arrow for making such a great table! And thank  you to Pockets for reading with Little K. (Pockets is the Arrow Mascot and such a cutie!)Hilltop Homemaker: Pockets Reading


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